Salepur Calling

The last place to be covered was Utkala Gouraba Sri Madhusudan Das’s Birthplace in Satyabhamapur. We as Odia’s will forever indebted to this Man , who rose to occasion of getting us a Statehood. For generations to come Utkal Gouraba Madhusudan Das will continue to occupy a place of profound veneration in the hearts of millions of people of Odisha. He will inspire them to patriotic works and social activities. For about half a century he continued to guide and influence the social and political life of the State. He sacrificed all his wealth for die cause of Odisha and her people.

Born on 28th April,1848 in a middle class Zamindar family in Satyabhamapur village of Cuttack district (Odisha) in an early period of British rule over this part of India, Sri Madhusudan played a very notable historic role for the renascence of the dismembered Orissa Province and her crippled literature, culture, arts and crafts.

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