Heritage Tour in Summer of 2018 – A revisit of those memorable 2 day event – 1st Day

May 19th , 2018 

Tour of Salepur & Choudwar  –  It was a morning of excitement and lots of anticipation, when collectively 8 Heritage Enthusiastic  individuals’ took and endeavour to see some of the ancient treasures of Undivided Cuttack .  The ever consuming Summer heat and yet the brave enthusiasts were simple unstoppable .  

This day will go down the memory lane as discovering rich antiquities and artefacts and building the initiative and foundation  for  Cuttack Heritage Walks .  Shri Dipak Samantarai , Shri Dilip Das, Shri Shibaji Nayak, Shri Hitesh Seth, Shri Nishikant Mohanty , Master Abhigyan Mohanty , Shri Ashish Sarangi and Myself.  An age group spread from 14 years to 72 years and what a group it was indeed.

Picture Courtesy – Sri Hitesh Seth at the ruins of Sri Dadhi Baman Temple, Gopinathpur

Our first stop – was Sri Chateswara Temple , A 13th Century built by the Gangas in Kishnapur Village near Salepur. The Stone Inscription by Shri Ananga Bhima Deva – III well kept , chronicled with the achievements and victories he made as the Ruler of Kalinga from 1211 A.D.   While he thwarted the enemies in Bengal and drove them away, he had swiftly conquered the Kalachuris in the West and built a strong alliance , expanded his Kingdom until Rajamundry in the South .  


On the basis of a number of detached sculptures of different faiths like Saivite and Sakta, the original temple can be assigned to the Eastern Ganga dynasty rule during 12th Century AD. A miniature four- armed Vishnu, broken images of Chamunda, Surya and Buddha, Udyotasimha, Nandi, miniature temple and other architectural members.The temple is pancharatha on plan and the bada has multi-segmented horizontal mouldings in elevation. 

Sri Chateswara Temple – Stone Inscription

Salepur Calling

On a Sunday morning of 13th December , 27 Heritage Enthusiasts met at the Odisha State Maritime Museum , Jobra. With a very interesting itinerary spread from visiting the famous Bikalananda Kar’s Rasagola factory in Salepur followed by visit to some of the ancient heritage sites and Utkala Gauraba Sri Madhusudan Das’s Birthplace.

Picture by Shri Kishore Bit

The first stop at the quintessential Bikalananda Kar’s Shop at Salepur , and meeting the newest 3rd generation entrepreneurs . CHW members met with Two Young and Bright Odia Entrepreneurs Miss Sibani Kar and Miss Sai Priya Kar, initially before starting the Heritage Trail . They are now managing the the “Bikalananda Kar’s Rasagola ” Business . Both of them conducted the factory tours and were explained in details of the current processing set up.

All the members hosted by Two Sisters for a sumptuous breakfast and treat of Rasagolas . “Salepur Rasagola” Officially became the part of our food heritage trail.

Miss Sibani Kar and Miss Sai Priya Kar – Bikalananda Kar’s Rasagola
Miss Sibani Kar , explaining the various complex process of making packaged products
Attention to detail and maintaining extreme hygiene conditions in making the famous Salepur Rasagola
Miss Sibani providing a complete overview of Bikalananda Kar’s factory
Membership badge for Miss Sai Priya Kar
CHW members enjoying the breakfast
Samosa and Kachori Counter at the Shop