Silver Splendour of Milienium City

By Shri Raja Parija

Silver Splendour of Milienium City by Raja Parija is the only coffee table book on Silver Filigree of Cuttack. The unique art of silver filigree deserves much more than it has got so far. A promised hub for it remains exactly that: a promise.
This book opens up the possibilities for more research and documentation of this intricate art. The book contains wonderful photographs triggering ‘ye dil mange more’ reaction.

Netaji Was Born Here by Sri Raja Parija

“Netaji was born here” recreates the childhood and adolescence days of Subash Chandra Bose spent in Cuttack. It details developments and happenings which was more or less not known to the public. Netaji did have his entire school education here in Cuttack. A very formative phase of one’s life.
Raja Parija has successfully documented a very significant period of Netaji’s life in this book. Through a wise blending of text and photographs, he has managed ably to recreate a lost era.
An interesting read for students researchers and the lay public.

Anyone interested to buy the book can contact CHW .
INR 899