Sri Siddhi Vinayak Sits On The Ancient Throne Of Jajati Keshari

Some of the features and facts of the throne with direct reference from Shri Bhattacharyas’s Work . The seat has the following prominent signs:

“1 – Crowing members being on either side (i) vase with a conical lid at apex. (ii) pouncing lions on either side (iii) face turned birds) on either side

2 – An arch with crocodile face OES (on either side).

3 – Narasingha concept art at the center of the arch.The Narasingha motif * wears a crown that appears to be a filigiri work . Similar item is noted on the Damadar mukha of Lingaraj & in a chaiti on Mukteswar NE koni paga. It may be profitable to remember that silver filigiri work is indigenous to Cuttack.

4 – Two prominent solar flowers.

5 – Flat, plain back rest, surmounted with a ornate semi circular band full with Lahara Jhaleri (scroll art) 4, at rim symbolic members are sculptured in 3D, in pairs, on alternate sides. Lahara art is in bass.

6 – (i) Gajja – Arudha Singha (Lion atop Elephant) motif at the edge of the hand rests (ii) lotus bud as grip.

7 – A Chamara dharaka (male) on the right of the throne; a pankha (hand fan, tala patara make circular type) dharinee (female) on the left.

8 – The singhasana’s platform is on a 4 tiered Ratha yukta – Bhadrasana.

9 – A person wearing some sort of turban & a royal gown, standing on a raised podium in side pose, in some sort of vyakhana mudra (explaining pose).

“ConclusionQuoting from research note by Shri Deepak Bhattacharya -“The composite motif as crowning members of a mono-block seat indicates it to be a royal thrown associated with the historical nomenclature Kesari.The composite motif is the royal insignia of the imperial Yayati – II.

This Singahasana prima facie is that of the medieval Orissan monarch Yayati-II (1025 – 1040). It is the Singhasana of the Kesari Kula (Kesari Dynasty). Above dates then make this throne approx. 950 yrs.old. It is not a seat meant for icons. The Marathas under the Bhonsle may have installed the made to order Varada Ganesha on it. This is also a Hindu royal throne & the best preserved specimen”.

Both Dipak Bhai and myself felt a very humbling experience

Location – Shri SiddhiVinayak Temple , Kali Gali , Cuttack

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