Hazrat Bhanwar Shah Wali Mazar by Shri Dipak Samantarai

Long time ago, a Qafla (Caravan) came to Cuttack through Chahata Ghat and encamped on the western part of the city. The place is now known as Qafla Bazar.
Bhanwar Shah Wali was the Imam of the people who accompanied the caravan.
After the death of the Saint his body was buried near the ruined mosque (Bhanwar Shah Masjid) where he used to offer prayers with his followers. His tomb was constructed there. According to the local people, the Shrine is more than (400) four hundred years old. Excepting a mound, there is no trace of the masjid.

Painting by Prof Dr Falguni Ray (Retd Plastic Surgeon ) , SCB Medical Cuttack

In the premises there are other tombs which belong to the brothers of the Saint and his disciples. At that point of time, it used to be a graveyard as well.
Right from the beginning for a long time the Shrine was on a raised square platform without a roof. But in the recent past people have built a flat roofed structure having a bulbous dome in the center. The roof is placed on twelve pillars, each of which has a height of twelve feet from the ground level. On every side there are two small archways.

The Shrine of Hazrat Sayed Bhanwar Shah Wali, located at Saidani Bagicha, Kanika Road, is one of the oldest and best known shrines of the Millennium City. It’s premises measure 1.5 acres of prime land. People of all faiths throng the place.

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