Silver Splendour of Milienium City

By Shri Raja Parija

Silver Splendour of Milienium City by Raja Parija is the only coffee table book on Silver Filigree of Cuttack. The unique art of silver filigree deserves much more than it has got so far. A promised hub for it remains exactly that: a promise.
This book opens up the possibilities for more research and documentation of this intricate art. The book contains wonderful photographs triggering ‘ye dil mange more’ reaction.

Silver Filigree Walk – Cuttack

Silver Filigree Walk, a Cuttack Heritage Walks initiative, was specially curated to provide a window to the exquisite world of Silver Filigree of Cuttack. Known as Cuttacki Tarakasi it is a unique and fascinating art form. It’s origin is not exactly known, but evidence suggests that it gained credence and circulation during the Moghul era. Presently suffering from government apathy and social indifference, it is passing through a difficult phase.

Famous Silver Filigree Work from Cuttack – Crown Making. Copyright Photo of Bikash Chandra Das

It has a chequered history. Participants of Silver Filigree Walk on last Sunday went to a couple of workshops located in Alisha Bazar and Mohamadia Bazar area of Cuttck, the original hub of filigree art. They interacted directly with the artists and artisans. Filigree is designed by joining pieces of silver wire of various thickness without using mould as is done in other forms of art.

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